thought herder

Understanding. I strive for it each day. And, always I'm reminded of two things:

First, "you haven't really understood something until you can explain it to someone else." There are some obvious holes here, such as my ability to convince you, doesn't make us both right. Still, I like the spirit of the saying. It encourages me to verify and share my findings. It forces me to synthesize my thoughts in a clear and concise manner, such that you will have a simpler time coming to the same conclusions I've reached.

Second, and perhaps the harder one for me over the years, is that "to understand, it's not enough to stop at theory. One must put to practice in order to fully appreciate what one has learnt."

With these in mind, the aim here is to learn. To draw on a myriad of sources and herd the thoughts. To put things together so that you, I or anyone else can come to them and put the ideas in practice so that they are verifiably concrete and eternal. And then, finally, to understand.

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